Morris Family: Maternity

I value doing life with the Morris family.

I value the conversations we have about faith, family, stories, life and the Harlem community that we each call home.

I value laughing with the Morris Family.

I value hanging out with soon-to-be Big Brother, AJ, every Sunday in Renaissance Kids.

I value these two teenage girls and the way they are chasing their dreams while using their gifts and talents to set this world on fire!

I value the way that Aswan and Heather challenge and encourage me to use the gifts, talents, creative mind, passions and hopes that God has woven inside my heart and mind. They push me to press forward and to hope for what is true, above and beyond anything I could ask, think or imagine.

I am so grateful for the friendship of Aswan and Heather. I am grateful I will be able to know Baby A from the beginning moments of his life. I am grateful I will continue to do life with them in Harlem, a community we both call home.

Baby A is #overdue for sure and so we continue to encourage him to start making his way into this world!

Baby A, we can't wait to meet you! Morris Family, there is glory in your story!